Want your landscape to stand out like a Champion? Our Colored Mulch will add a new dimension of color and curb appeal to your business or home and offers better UV-resistance than regular mulch, it helps prevent weeds, and retains moisture for ideal plant growth. Our colored mulch will maintain its color for one to two seasons, depending on the amount of direct sunlight. We offer Dark Walnut as our preferred color due to its natural look against the backdrop of the landscape. Additional colors are available with minimum order amounts as well as our Natural Mulch Product.


Need a large amount of mulch but do not have the equipment to pick it up? Our bulk product delivery service is the perfect solution. Bulk amounts range from 10 yard through 100 yards of material that can be delivered to the site at one time. Our professional landscape products team can assist you with your next DIY or commercial project mulch needs.


Looking to do a small makeover to your landscape? Our two-cubic foot mulch bags will get the job done! Bagged material can be picked up at our Celina or Dallas locations or delivered to your home or commercial location. Pallet loads are available and consist of 60 bags or 90 bags.


Our colored mulch is made through a multi-step technical process when the wood is delivered to our processing facility. Wood is first sorted by type depending on the product and size we are making. Sorted wood product are then loaded into one of our grinders for processing which then creates smaller wood fibers as they pass through different screen sizes. The ground wood fibers enter a coloring water-based system, whereby ultra-concentrated, environmentally safe colorant is mixed with water and applied to the wood fibers. The colorant completely encapsulates the wood, ensuring maximum adherence and UV protection.


Creating a beautiful appearance with colored or natural mulch at your home or business is not a difficult task. Just follow these simple steps:</>p

  • Unload Mulch: Depending on the volume or delivery type place bulk mulch on a tarp,
    concrete, or finished surfaces.
  • Clean out beds: Loosen any old, compacted mulch with a rake (or remove if
    desired); clear out any leaves, twigs, etc.
  • Spread mulch: Spread the colored mulch over the existing loosened mulch or bare ground. Make sure the colored mulch is spread evenly and to a depth of two to four inches. It should slope away from structures for proper runoff.
  • Maintenance: After a few weeks, check the mulch for compaction; if needed, use a rake or cultivator to loosen it up. A couple of inches of fresh mulch should be applied annually to brighten your landscape for the coming season.
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