Manufacturing Facilities, Hospitals, Retailers, and many other businesses rely on the capabilities of our compactor service to reduce the overall frequency of their waste and recycle materials through compaction which crushes and compacts the material. This combination provides our customers with immediate savings on their operating costs and bottom line.

Compactors come in a variety of sizes and styles and each one is unique for a particular waste stream, volume, and location. Each compactor install is designed for the customer location based on the needs of that location. Our professional compactor sales team will work with you in deciding the most economical compactor solution for your business by performing a site visit that includes reviewing the current equipment setup, customer goals, and placement location.

Waste Diversion Through Innovative Recycling Technologies.

Looking to divert materials from our local landfills? We believe recycling should be easy which is why we designed our commercial materials diversion program to allow you to place all of your recycling materials into one compactor saving you time and money. Our LEED Green Associates have years of hands-on experience to provide you the most efficient and economical recycling solution that meets your needs. We can customize a program that works for your location or you can choose from the following programs:

  • Cardboard Only
  • Paper Only
  • Commingled (Paper, Cardboard, Plastics, Aluminum, Metal)
  • Single Stream
  • Organics

Materials collected are processed at our various recycling facilities which sort, process, and ship out various products to end markets


Stationary compactors are available in a variety of sizes and styles and are primarily used for dry waste and recycling materials that include wood waste, plastic, cardboard, and paper.

Ideal use designed for:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Logistic Warehouses
  • Millwork Manufacturing
  • Distribution Centers


Self-Contained compactors are available in a variety of sizes and styles and are primarily used at facilities producing wet waste, however they can also be used for dry waste especially for locations where confined space is an issue.

Ideal Use:-

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Retail/Multi Use Buildings


Compactor monitor services are available and provide the following benefits:

  • Email notifications directly sent to the customer and Champion when the compactor unit is full and ready for pick up.
  • Eliminates wasteful and inefficient pick-up of below capacity containers
  • No employee involvement in checking and reporting container fullness levels.
  • Confidence in capacity, with a focus of cost reduction.
  • Reporting services that include the date, time, and weight of pick-ups
  • Compactors are monitored 24/7


For More Information Contact Us 214.637.6500.


Our normal inventory of stationary compactors includes 2yd, 3yd, and 4yd. Custom sizes can be manufactured depending on a particular customer’s needs.
Our normal inventory of self contained compactors includes 25yd, 30yd, and 35yd, however custom sizes can be built to order depending on your locations needs.
The typical installation takes 3 hrs to complete from start to finish, however there are many contributing factors when it comes to each install including the size of the compactor, type of installation, how many compactors are being installed at the site.
Our professional sales team will meet with you onsite to audit your current waste stream, analyze current volumes and review the space needed for the potential unit.
Power is needed at the site, however if you do not have it no need to worry it can always be added. Our technicians will review the current electrical layout to determine what you will need if you do not have power onsite.
Yes! After each install our team will conduct onsite training with your team to show all of the operational features and safety compliance items for the compactor. We can schedule additional training if needed when you hire new employees that may use the compactor.
Yes! All of our compaction equipment comes with an industry standard warranty. Our professional sales team can provide more details once the onsite audit has taken place.

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