We embrace advancements in recycling technologies to further enhance recycling opportunities that otherwise may not exist for materials that have limited end markets. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the United States generates more than 135 million tons of construction and demolition waste annually. This makes C&D the second largest component in the US waste stream.

The EPA has determined that after all other recycling means have been met, there is still 17.3 million tons of clean wood waste entering landfills. Land clearing debris, pallets, crating materials, construction and demolition lumber waste are classified as C&D waste because of its limited value and lack of beneficial use markets. Using technology to address this issue we are able to utilize a system that reduces the processing carbon footprint to less than neutral with the Carbonator 500 creating a valuable product that can be reused back into the environment.


Biochar is the solid product remaining after the biomass is carbonized and can be used as a soil amendment. Biochar is a stable solid, rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for thousands of years. Like most charcoal, biochar is made from biomass via pyrolysis.


Biochar has many uses with a few notable applications that include Compost additive, Plant protection, Carbon fertilizer, and a substitute for peat in potting soils.

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